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A. Infinity Takeovers is Known for having endeavor the best talents and nurturing of every individual represented. Established in 2019 and immediately made a name for itself by developing the power of a models image leading the definition of the super model. We understand the value of our clients and ensure their requirement to deliver at 100% satisfactory level. Takeovers is known for its quality and perfection worldwide. Takeovers team offers Knowledgeable Friendly and efficient service aiming to ensure smooth and a professional relation with the client.

Takeovers expanded its Horizon with its Production Team. Targeting to provide each client , however large or small , with a bespoke "one - stop services". This achievement is not only through our personalized approach but through the breath of our carefully selected model base . Takeovers also Maintains close relationships with a network of Production Support team including Production Mangers, Photographers, Makeup Artists, Stylists and Location scouts who can support our clients wish.

Takeovers is your one stop service Provider. Takeovers is currently been run through Jaipur . Takeovers established strong relationships with all leading Players in Fashion and Beauty from the onset.


India's little fashion hunters is a family-friendly fashion event for fashion lovers. It gathers children around the nation. Ilfh encourages kid models to walk on the runway ,to show their confidence to express their fashion styles and to present their cultural identities.

Participating in ilfh is a dream come true for many. Whether you are a fashion designer or kid, you simply can’t afford to miss this opportunity. It offers an ideal platform to popular as well as budding fashion professionals. Besides this, it’s an outstanding platform for kids to face the limelight at a very young age. Thus, it gifts a marvelous experience to both.

Additionally ,ilfh embraces social cause #smile challange#, documenting different smiles, spreading the feeling of happiness ,and supporting slum kids. Ilfh offers a global platform for children, kid-wear Designers, buyers and companies.it provides an opportunity to boost kids-fashion communication,to share the universal value/trends of the kids-wear industry ,and to introduce more fashion designers into the kids-wear sector.

Stage fear is quite common among the kids. And, a phenomenal ramp walk at ilfh is sure to drive away their fear. Social phobia is another fear which kids need to beat. Interacting with other kids and popular fashion designers can help them overcome it. Young age is the best for building a holistic personality development. And, ilfh is an excellent platform for the same. It encourages kids to identify their innate talents, unique style, and develop confidence. Their participation will help them learn the virtue of respect, manners, and adjustment.

Self-esteem needs to be inculcated in kids right from their childhood. Being a part of this offbeat fashion event will make them understand how important they are. Presenting themselves before the judges for auditions would help them learn how dignified they are. And, walking on the ramp boldly would boost their self-esteem.

Slum Kids

ILFH Helps slum Children to explore their creative side.

Children growing up in slums experience a childhood that often defies the imagination of both the ‘innocent childhood’ proponents and the ‘universal childhood’ advocates. The slums typically lack proper sanitation, safe drinking water, or systematic garbage collection; there is usually a severe shortage of space inside the houses where the children live, and no public spaces dedicated to their use. But that does not mean that these children have no childhood, only a different kind of childhood that sees them playing on rough, uneven ground, taking on multiple roles in everyday life, and sharing responsibilities with adults in domestic and public spaces in the community.

We Designed an Event where these talented kids walked the ramp. The show was not just a medium of spreading awareness about the problems faced by these kids but also a platform where the children could explore their creativity

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